Sunday, June 29, 2008


All you want is, all you need is love.

Thanks Dave. It was a GREAT night. It seemed like everything was made to be perfect. The storms drifted south so we didn't get drenched, the air cooled off about 15 degrees, and you played for 2.5 hours!

So the Dave Matthews Band concert was great. It was funny getting all of us together and down there. We had SO much food. Everyone really went all out with the good stuff. And those drinks were yummy!

I made quite the entertainment for everyone in the car on the way there. I got picked up from the metro and then we met at Safeway to get ice for the cooler and our friend. Then we were on our way and someone said "Ok, now to see Dave." I brilliantly responded "Oh, who's Dave?" Seriously. I'm quick. Yup, thought we were picking up some guy named Dave that I didn't know. Priceless, these moments I provide for my dear friends' entertainment. We did get to see Dave, and he was great.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to the World

I'm a new aunt. I'm excited and thrilled, but also a little worried. I'm not what you would call a "baby person." Whenever people/friends have had their little babies, I'm content to admire from afar. It's around 5 when they start talking and reasoning that kids and I connect.

So at first I was feeling like it just wasn't real for me. My sister lives 1500 miles away and I am not exactly going to have day-to-day or even all that regular of contact with my niece. I went ahead and booked a plane trip to go visit. While I love my sister, I was pretty straightforward that this trip was all about me getting to know my new niece.

I don't know what it is about family that just totally sucks you in. Sascha had me hooked in 2 hours. It was the ride home from the airport while I sat in the back seat with her because it was really late and she was tired. She fell asleep as long as I had my arm around her in her car seat. Whenever I moved or pulled my arm away, she'd get upset again, but as long as I had my arm around her, she was ok.

For the rest of the week I'd hold her and feed her and just love her the whole time. Did I mention that my sister and I are not biologically related? Her dad (my step-dad) adopted me when I was 14. We have known each other since I was 5 and I don't really remember us not being sisters, but we have always known that we weren't biologically related. So what is it about family that makes a person want to take responsibility for a new baby?

I am hardly at the point in my life where I want kids. I even held out the great possibility that I might never want kids and that would be really fine with me. I still am not ready to have one for myself, but it's much more of a future thought. For now I'm hooked on Sascha. I want to see her grow and develop, learn new things, buy her gifts, and just watch how she lives her life. I'm not buying her baby clothes or anything (the girl already has a full closet until she's 18 months old!), but I'm already buying her books. Maybe it's because it's really books for my sister-- something to read while she's nursing or just a way to soothe Sascha to sleep. I'm into all the learning toys and growing, developing things too.

We put up a mobile on her crib while I was there. The transformation was unbelievable. Remember, she's only 6 weeks old, but she went from general stares at people and things to watching individual pieces rotating around. So now she seems to be noticing colors and actual objects a lot more. She also wants to be sitting UP in your arms, not laying down all the time, because she's looking at things not just the ceiling.

Basically, she's pretty perfect and precious. And I've never been so thrilled to have a niece that I get to spoil and love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Young Souls Auction

I caved in and signed myself up for a singles auction. I know it sounds dreadfully tacky and horrible, but I was so taken in with the purpose. A girl at my church (All Souls) is going to do volunteer work in the Congo with Survivors of Sexual Assault by Armed Groups. They are doing a date auction to help raise money.

Part of me feels it's a little tacky to auction off a date for work in sexual assault, but the other side of me thinks that it makes sense to encourage respectfully aware gender-specific interactions to raise money for their work. I think the latter is winning out.

I knew All Souls was very gung-ho on the social action work. Never in a million years did I think this would be what I might get involved in. Of course that's the same thing my dad said when he signed our whole family up to stand at the corner of a busy street for the American Heart Association. Sometimes the need just comes along at the right time and you're willing to say "whatever I can do to help."

Honestly, I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. Everyone has a guaranteed minimum bid, and while I'm glad that at least that much will be going to the organization, the other part of me is scared that I'll only get the minimum. I guess I'll just have to work a little extra hard on the gussying up that night. Oh yes, and it's a Sunday night! So not exactly the "come out and buy a date" kind of atmosphere, but at least it's at The Reef, which is always a big party scene.

So if you're interested or just curious and want to help support the work of Survivors of Sexual Assault by Armed Groups in the Congo, then swing by The Reef on July 27 at 7:30pm. An entrance donation of $10 is suggested.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm all settled and moved-in now. I LOVE my new apartment. It's been fun to get set up, arrange everything, and feel homey again. So here's a little tour for you. See my front door (notice the raptor-proof door handle-- the only one in the hall!) So I feel safe and completely raptor-free.

Welcome in my front door. I have a full bar! Very useful after a long day at work or coming in with friends. I will definitely have to have a couple wine parties. Maybe some girl's night poker is in store.

And my kitchen . . .
I LOVE the counter space! And all those cabinets. I know, the pink is a bit much. I'm not quite decided on what I'm going to do with it, though. I'm thinking I should paint it, but I'd have to get a sample so I can paint it back when I leave, which isn't an easy thing. But I'm also not sure what color I'd really want my kitchen. I've always had white or cream.
So do I want to go outrageous and do a burnt umber or terra cotta sort of shade? Something warm and inviting or just simple and basic? I'll have to spend some time at a paint store perusing the options I think.

Also, the bathroom is the same color. Do I want to use the same shade to cover both rooms? They have such different purposes and I don't want to get too crazy. We'll see. But right now I have lots of time to take on such a project, so I'm thinking I should go for it.

And my old familiar couch and batik wall hanging. It's nice that they go everywhere I do. Although now I have all kinds of plants. It's like they are taking over. I never realized how great they are to fill empty space, but when you have to use them in a small space it's totally different. I can't bring myself to just kill them, though. So they keep moving around the apartment. We'll see where they end up.

So that's my new home. Hope you enjoyed it. I still don't know how many square feet it is and I'm tempted to take a measuring tape and figuring it out. My guess is that it's somewhere around 650, but it's mine all mine!

My building is great. It's a new condo building, so everyone is really friendly and excited that I just moved in. There are a few families and some young couples as well. It might take me a while to meet people, but it's a pretty active place.

Did I mention I'm only 2 blocks to the metro? There's also a bus stop right at the end of my street. I love my neighborhood. All my fabulous Raleigh folk are welcome to come anytime!

Oh yes, and I joined the gym that has an indoor pool too. Doesn't that just feel like the height of luxury? So when it gets all hot this summer, I can go cool off AND exercise. Yup, I'm pretty stoked about the whole situation. I love DC.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aaron Sorkin is a God

I moved into my new apartment last weekend and am almost completely done with all the unpacking. In celebration I decided to relax with a glass of wine and watch my Netflix video (because I still have not gotten a solid answer about who my cable company is or even been able to speak with any of the companies to set something up-- grrrrrr.)

So I put in Charlie Wilson's War. Ok, I'm a historical fiction junkie and this was the most wonderful movie for me. It had all the things I love--witty banter, smart, historical relevance, and humorous situations. I might just keep this one for a while and watch it a few more times. Of course, as I'm seeing the credits, Aaron Sorkin is responsible for this masterpiece. Will someone please give the man a production company and just let him run wild?

Everything he touches turns to gold and provides the kind of entertainment that never gets old. I could watch it over and over again and still be amazed by the craft and skill with which he tells a story. I'd like to create the Homer awards, in honor of the great master story-teller and honor Mr. Sorkin with a lifetime achievement award.

Also, Woohoo for our new Democratic Nominee! It seems like he's got history all wrapped up around him with this being the 40th year since RFK was shot. The man is a movement.