Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Clothes Horse

Alright, enough with the over-indulgent philosophizing and time to get down to what really matters--CLOTHES!

Ok, I admit, I'm a clothes horse. But this time I had to. As I was trying to think about what I would wear on my first day of work, I decided to go try on all those dress pants that I haven't worn for the last 8 months. Oh yeah, none and I mean NONE of them fit. It's a tad depressing, but I've sworn that I'm not going to freak out about going up from a 2 to a 4 (I have more issues about not buying any 6s, but that's another story). So, yay for me, I get to console myself buying clothes.

It really just isn't fair when all of the stores are having sales at the same time. You lose your focus, get distracted by all the beautiful things and all the crazy discounts. That and none of the Banana Republic pants fit me properly. What the hell kind of models are they using on these skinnier pants anyway? size 4 hips do not correspond to size 2 waist and thighs, and it doesn't work going up a size either. It's really bizarre. I mean tailoring is all about fitting the individual, not mass producing the Barbie fit.

Anyway, I gave up and was sucked into United Colors of Benetton. It's not usually a place I shop, since trying to figure out and remember my European size is a bit more confusing, but as I said they were having this fabulous sale. So I got sucked into 2 suits, 2 pairs of pants (beyond the suit pants), 2 skirts, 3 tops and 1 dress. Not too shabby. Yes, it feels like a totally new wardrobe, but then it's a totally new job. And I did need pants.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Yes, it's that 3am time when you know you should really be in bed sleeping because tomorrow is going to be a really long day, but there's just too much on your mind to rest before you get it out. So here 'goes. . .

I'm not really one for believing in destiny or "plan" for my life. I generally see things as the result of hard work and dedication, but every once in a while you sit back and think that fate is a curious thing, particularly when you don't believe in it.

That doesn't mean that only good things happen, but sometimes it feels like even the bad things happened for a reason, or at least taught you something that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. Perhaps it's just conjecture or the need to feel like it all has a purpose, but it's enough to make me wonder.

I have been job hunting for about six months now and was right on the verge of getting very discouraged. I had been working a part-time spot which was going well and enjoyable, but not exactly on my "career path." It's one of those double-edged situations where I was happy with how things were going, succeeding, but also wondering "is this really as well as I can do right now" and "why did I go to college, again?" Just when those doldrums started to hit, I got a call from a job possibility I'd been waiting for (crossing my fingers and wishing for). Not only had I been waiting for this job, I'd been dreaming about it. It is my ideal job (or at least second to working for the state department and travelling the world as an American diplomat). When I first started looking I was wondering "how do I get into this field" and whoosh it happened. Now I am an event planner. I mean, could there really be anything more perfect for me?! I LOVE to plan, especially plan parties, and working for great nonprofits, and planning fundraisers for them!

Somehow it just feels like the stars aligned for me this time. I wasn't looking for it. No, I was looking to be an analyst of some kind and use all that great political science knowledge in data manipulation. But this one just couldn't be turned down. I'll still have to see how it goes, since I haven't actually started yet, but I have great hopes and worlds of possibility.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maps Just Keep Getting Better

I don't know if you were a kid like me, but I just loved to look at maps of cities over time. They even made a few books that started out with Greece, Rome, or Paris in ancient times and as you flipped the page the map of the city expanded showing the growth in centuries and then how rapidly it increased in the last 200 years.

Now archeologists, anthropologists, computer specialists, and engineers have all come together to rebuild Rome. First, I would love to be the person standing in the middle of that room looking head-on at the actual model, but I'd be happy to settle for seeing the video too.

These guys should really get together with the google earth folk and let lay people explore ancient rome. They could even have the little flags with information about the building and its history while you were zooming in and out or perusing down the ancient streets. Hey, we could even learn something while exploring the virtual city!

Yes, I understand that the gurus are trying to use the model to advance theoretical understanding of the ancient city, but wouldn't it be cool to pass this along to lay people? I can't imagine a cooler way to get kids involved with learning about the ancient culture than to let them tour it themselves. After all, we don't all have the opportunity to go visit it in person. (And for those of us who did, those 3 days in Rome was really just a whirlwind that could have easily been 3 months spent without ever seeing the same thing twice).

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Dance

I'm so excited! I got a promotion at work the other day. I love me some Dream Dinners action and it's just so cool to feel appreciated. Oh yes, and I've only been working there for 1 month-- started May 1 and at our June 5 meeting I got asked to train for a management position. I feel like I've set a record (probably not, but it still feels great anyway).

Whereas in school when you get singled out to be the "leader" everyone hates you. Yes, that was me, little teacher's pet. But no, now it entails pay increase and oh yes-- MINIONS!! I'm definitely in favor of the minions, or perhaps just not being one to quite so many people now. Regardless, I love my job and who knew that after a master's degree in political science I'd be drawn to food. Perhaps it's just about the essentials in life.

Yay, \\Happy Dance//

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Good Book

I'm having a very difficult time at present finding a good bedtime novel. I've recently read a string of great novels that I usually read before I go to sleep in that calm, wind-down time of night. Unfortunately, though, the books on my shelves are much to intellectual and not emotional enough for me. I'm sorry, but even Madeleine Albright's The Mighty and the Almighty just isn't doing it for me now.

I'm looking for something fun, somewhat light, but captivating. This is really the hardest part. How do you find a novel that you want to pick up and read night after night, but that you can also finish a chapter and put it down before you fall asleep in the middle of the page. Suspense is horrible for me-- I end up staying up all night reading it or fall asleep while reading and have crazy nightmares (recently of a cannibal coming to slit my throat in my sleep and eat me). Some of my favorite bedtime reads have been Memoirs of a Geisha, Prodigal Summer, Life of Pi, and The Red Tent.

I am looking for GOOD reads, but they can sometimes be so hard to find. Any s.uggestions?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Girls' Night Poker

There are two very distinct types of poker players: 1) the truly competitive, out to win it all type and 2) the I'm just having fun and playing tough to make the game more interesting type. Most girls are of the second type, or even if they're competitive, they're not so competitive that they are willing to gamble a friendship or crush your ego to win. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of combining Girls' Night Poker by inviting some of the guys. It's such a different game. Most guys playing poker are able to socialize, but are really all about winning. The conversation and heavy drinking (more common among the girls' games) are lessened, and tempers run higher. Albeit, we still had a great game and congrats to my neighbor who took home the pot. Next time, though, I might have to have an alternative activity when we bring the guys in for Girls' Night Poker.

In other news, I bought a couch!! Yay and halleluiah I will have a couch in my living room in 8-10 weeks (well, at least not a hand-me-down slipcovered couch). I also hung up all the pictures that have been laying against the walls downstairs and it's starting to look more and more like we live here and less and less like an empty dance floor. Oh the joys of decorating the house.