Sunday, May 20, 2007


Oh how I love a craft fair. Especially a craft fair with a wide variety of artists and media. I have now been introduced to some great Raleigh art. It was so much fun too with all of the kids' events they had going on as well. I couldn't help from buying a really pretty mirror and a few glass beads. Although I did hold back from the $200 metal wall sculptures, which was tough.

There really is something about craft/art fairs, though. It's something that makes you think of what some great artists have to go through to be noticed and then some people who just think so much of themselves that they apparently don't really have to sell anything (or be nice for that matter). But in general there are so many great pieces that I admire or would love to put on my walls/table/anywhere but unfortunately cannot afford it all. It's like walking through a museum sometimes where everything is marked "Buy Me." If you were walking through MOMA for instance and you saw "Buy Me" stickers on everything there, some things you would want to carry out with you that minute, but some you would say, "well it's really interesting and I do appreciate it, but it's just not my style." That's how I feel at an arts fair. Unfortunately, though, there are still far more things that I want to carry home with me that minute.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Plans

First of all, I'm a planner. I have multiple calendars and they all integrate online, on my computer, and my PDA. I have separate calendars for work, church, KD events and so on. So it was funny to me that after I was checking on events this weekend, I have nothing planned. Not Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. I mean, my Saturdays are already booked through July (or at least tentative activities I can go to). I am not afraid of being bored or anything, because I'm embrassing the gardener in me and went to Ace yesterday to buy soil, seeds, shovels, and things. So I do definitely have a garden ahead of me for the weekend. But this is not a time-scheduled thing and so I'm still just a little wierded out that I have no plans for the weekend. It's kinda cool once in a while and I think I'm definitely going to enjoy sleeping in for a day or so.

In other news, my VW Cabrio is getting its little top fixed, so I've been car-less for the last day+. I miss DC and it's so awkward trying to bum rides of people. I kind of feel like high school again when I was 14/15. But the good news is that the top won't actually cost me anything to get fixed (it's got such a major hydrolic problem with the automatic top that the mechanic just disengaged it and now it's a manual top, which is totally fine with me as long as it goes topless). Definitely looking forward to some wind in my hair this weekend and driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Tuesday (after hiking Chimney Rock, that is).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Continuing Education

Alright, I admit it. I have a problem with school. I just can't leave it. I have been in school for 19 consecutive years now. Yes, the last 3 have been grad school (2 working on my thesis while also working full or part time jobs). Nonetheless, I found myself today registering for another class.

But it sounded SO interesting, and like something that could really help my job skills for all those applications I'm sending out. So now I will be taking a summer grant writing class at Durham Tech. It's just one class and will hopefully help me out in the short and long term, but as soon as I register for one class I start looking at the online website development classes.

Hey, I'm also interested in some clinical research positions, perhaps I could get an RN certification along the way? NO! This is where I must stop and hone. I don't like the sight of blood nor do I want anything to do with taking it. Ok, moving on my career path. At least I already have a BA or I'd probably be worse. I guess that's why they call it continuing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am an evangelist for the Dark Side

This weekend my college roommate came to visit me. She's a nurse and loves to relax and do outdoorsy things like hiking and rock climbing (yes the sweaty things that I only do on the rare occassion and with friends). I had a great time planned out-- going to downtown Durham, downtown Raleigh, shopping, and even walking some trails around Umstead Park. However, the first night she got here we relaxed at home after she'd driven up and my boyfriend introduced her to Guitar Hero.

Now like myself, my ex-roomie did not really engage in the gaming rage that brought up our generation. I opted for playing cards as a kid (and no I did not grow up in the 1950's). I just severly lack much of the hand-eye coordination that is required in such things. I admit to my Ms. Pac Man hours spent in the arcade, but it really only lasted about a year for me, which was when my allowance was spent up and I reverted to other past times.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, (like most men in their 20's and 30's) is a true gamer. He has an Xbox, PS2, Wii, and the super gaming computer as well. We have it all: Zelda, Tiger Woods, Gran Turismo, NFL, Soul Caliber, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero (many more as well, but the other games are still in boxes). And since he has already beaten all the games, he loves to show them to new people.

Thus, I have corrupted my dear friend. At least 4 hours every day were spent on one of either Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, and sometimes both. While I was prepared to go hiking, my roommate was practicing her fingering for Sweet Child Of Mine. And after dinner, I asked: do you want to go see a movie or do something else? To which she replied: Can we go play some more Guitar Hero? Definitely a job well done. Now she's thinking about which system she wants to buy so she can play at home. I have brought her over to the dark side.