Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm trying very hard not to un-friend someone on Facebook. I know this person casually and of course he requested that we be Facebook friends. Sure, fine. Only he posts the most infuriating information. It's ignorant and illogical and I'm fed up with it.

Only, it's sort of my source of what stupid people out there really think. Because there's no way you'd get to these conclusions using any kind of logic or reason. It's pure sophistry.
This unnamed person posted a link to an article: Obama Extols Koran.

I saw this and his comments and just couldn't even make coherent thoughts this morning I was so outraged. Not necessarily at the article, because I just don't expect much from "Christian" news. (Quotes denoting self-identification when they hardly represent any of Jesus's teachings.)

No, what really drives me up the wall is how people really believe this shit. As if praising a religion other than one's own is somehow heresy. Moreover, the implication that our president doing such things is somehow un-American, when in fact it represents probably one of the most American ideals of inclusion. Pure bigotry.

What also burns me is how this is so tightly related to some notion that America is a "Christian" nation. If you wanted to argue that America is a nation founded on representing Christian ideals, then I would agree. But the Founders were very clear about providing a country where individuals were protected by the freedom of religion-- ANY religion.

If you know your basic 3rd grade American history, you would understand that the Puritans (Christians) were escaping Catholic and Anglican (yup, both Christian) abuse. The Holy Inquisition wasn't so far in the past that people weren't still scared of its reach. And if you think that Christians don't war with each other or create internal religious blood baths, I have only one word for you: Ireland.

I am proud to live in America, where I may freely practice whatever religion I chose. Perhaps that is Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or snake-handling Pentecostalism. Whether my choice be Christianity or Atheism, no government or sovereign authority may impinge my rights. I heartily support a president who upholds these values domestically and around the world.

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