Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Will Guide Us

If you cannot
sing like angels,
if you cannot
speak before thousands,
you can give from
deep within you
You can change the world
with your love.

Love will guide us
Peace has tried us
Hope inside us
will lead the way.
On the road from
greed to giving
love will guide us
through the hard night.

Thank you Rob Hardies for a much needed reminder of love not fear in a time of uncertainty. There is a man outside the metro that I see every day who will receive my $5 grocery store gift card. I hope that it will help him this week. And what is another $5 on my weekly shopping trips? Where it's a bag of chips or block of fancy cheese for me, it could be a day's only meal for someone else.

While I'm hesitant to give cash to people asking for help, the grocery store cards can be a good aid. It's not the best solution, but in times like these, we cannot wait for the best. I'm reminded not to refuse from doing the something that I can do.

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